Monday, January 4, 2010

updates to the update

2010 has started off in an interesting way for me. first two days of the year/decade have given me my first two publications of the year/decade.

First off, there was Chinaski's Nirvana over at Oprah Read This, a very cool limited-run online-anthology of sorts. Some really, really good stuff exists on that page, I recommend you hit it with a vengeance.

Our Lady of the Shadows went live over at Flashes in the Dark. A story about Santa Muerte, I'm leaning to being proud of this one.

Just heard, for sure, that a letter of mine will feature in Letters from the Dead, an anthology that will be published later this year by Library of the Living Dead. It concerns zombies, so you should enjoy that.

Oh, also, part two of the Troubadour Horror Zone went up the other day, featuring an essay of mine concerning werewolves, as well as a story, Bloodlines, by Rick Huffman. Part 3 should go up before too long, as well as part 4 of my series, Throw Back.

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