Tuesday, December 22, 2009

[Insert Interesting Title Here]

Oh, hello there. I didn't see you standing there. How are you doing? Good, I hope? No? You're not doing well, you say? Well, apologies, I guess.

Over at that there Troubadour 21, well, seems I have a good bit of stuff for your reading interest. If you are of the mind to read it, that is. I can't quite say if you are or not. Truthfully, neither can you, until you read it. So, why don't you go and read it and see what you think? Firstly, I've started a sort of series. Not really a sort of series, but a series, a serial. Entitled Throw Back, we, or I, am currently on part 2. Part three has mostly been written.

Also o'er at T21, we've got another series taking shape. Troubadour Horror Zone will feature essays on all that horror standbys, as well as a nice little story to go along with them. I'll be hitting up most of the essays, and for this first one, I wrote the story for it. Check out an essay on zombies and a story called Cosplay here.

I chased this venue for a while, but I finally got a story put into Short-Story.Me, called Incarnadine Stars.

A story inspired by a true one, Damn Dog, went up at With Painted Words, complete with, regrettably, a continuity error. Apologies.

I'm thinking that's it, for new publications. Perhaps I'll update soon. Oh, and, guest post here in a spell or two.

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